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Thread: Required pulling horsepower

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    Required pulling horsepower

    I was just asked if I could provide an approximation of the horsepower required to pull a 90,000# trailer at around 10-15 mph. Now I know that not enough information is given to accurately determine the exact hp required. I would need to know tire pressure, ground, type frictional losses, surface incline and a host of other items to acculturately determine the force needed. But I also know that in different industries much of this is done by a "rule of thumb" estimation and that is all the closer than I need to be. This will be a loaded trailer pulled around a farm, mostly on concrete or packed dirt. We have a relative number in mind but were wondering if someone might have a rule of thumb that would give us a second look.

    Thank you

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    Without selecting/determining some value of horizontal pulling resistance it is not possible to estimate the required HP to move a load horizontally.

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