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Thread: Help Plz!!! Scissor Lift, need help.

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    Confused Help Plz!!! Scissor Lift, need help.

    Project is in the process of producing a scissor lift that rotates a manual wheel and lifts 700kg.
    But in fact, I've never done this kind of structure, so I need help.
    I am attaching a simple picture, so please help me.
    And if possible, please let me know the calculation.

    QUESTION 1.jpg

    1. What is the force of the sicssor lift on the driveshaft (TR BOLT)?
    2. Torque value when driving a handle
    3. A measure to turn the wheel by human power.
    4. When the maximum drive angle of the shift is 40, how many turns of the handle must be turned from 0 to maximum height?
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