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Thread: The illusive gravity mech

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    The illusive gravity mech

    Hi Guys, I have a specific mechanism problem Im trying to solve. I cant divulge the specific application, however Im looking for examples of where this has been done in the past (or if this is even possible in peoples opinions).

    I have a mechanism that employs a weighted pendulum type component that swings about a pivot. When the unit it attaches to is orientated vertically the pendulum swings into place and acts as a blocker for another lever.

    When the unit is orientated horizontally the weight swings out of the way, allowing the lever to be moved. Its basically a gravity driven blocking mechanism.

    The issue is that when the unit is orientated vertically and blocking the required lever,when the unit is moved around, (forwards or downwards) the weighted pendulum swings in the opposite direction as it pivots, thus removing the blocking function.

    I have tried all sorts of slots and flats on the shaft that the weight pivots on to try and lock the weight when its in position, however it affects its ability to move out of that position when needed.

    Has anyone witnessed such a mechanism working in industry? Or if its even possible?

    Muchos gracias for any input

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