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Thread: Need for advice

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    Need for advice

    Hello !

    Currently i work for a company as electrical & instrumentation designer, and at the same time i'm continuing my engineering education , i do evening courses after work, ( my company doesn't know about my evening courses ) .

    i'm thinking, if i can say , to put my career on the road ,
    there is an awarded company , where i wanna join to and grow with her , where i wanna make my final engineering project , and continue my curriculum as an engineer .

    My question here, is it right to send them an motivationa letter where i explain to them all of this?
    or should i just wait until i get my diploma and join them as an engineer ?
    your opinions means a lot for me ^^)

    Sincerely .

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    Most companies get unsolicited resumes and introduction letter/emails all the time. These contacts are typically filed away and when a job opening is available they advertise or contact recent resumes that fit job requirements.

    I would wait until your qualifications change or are almost changed (degree) then send out resumes to those companies looking or your talent.
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