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Thread: Bead Blasted Finish on Aluminum

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    Bead Blasted Finish on Aluminum


    My name is Jason and this is a first time post. I am currently working on a vacuum transfer design which I am updating the lid to be 6061 Aluminum.

    On the outside however, I would like to specify a satin sandblasted finish and have never done such a thing in the past. Right now my note on the drawing just calls out, "Finish: Sandblasted", with flag notes in the 2 locations the finish is required.

    Do you normally specify blasting pressure and bead size for manufacturing on a finish such as this?

    I have never seen a specification called out for bead blasting and this is a first time I am utilizing any finish like this on any materials. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Bead blasting specification often include the bead size - nothing more.
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