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Thread: Mounting a planar mirror with epoxy

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    Mounting a planar mirror with epoxy


    I am looking into ways to mount a cylindrical-planar mirror to be used in a low-pressure, thermally varying environment.

    Our current method involves directly pushing onto the mirror, which can flex or damage it. My boss has asked that I look into using epoxy to adhere it to the mounting face.

    After around an hour of looking into it, I haven't found much in the way of technical papers that give advice to the process/geometry of the mounting face. What I have heard is that I may want to look into adding a groove or two to help with thermal expansions of the epoxy, but I haven't found much to corroborate that.

    Is there anything I should be aware for using epoxy? Is it really so simple that I can just have two planar faces epoxied together?


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    Quote Originally Posted by harrisonczaj View Post
    Is it really so simple that I can just have two planar faces epoxied together?
    Well, yes it is. For example, if you own a car the rear view mirror mounting base is "epoxied" to the glass. Grooves can help with selected materials though I would consider circumference location/securing in addition to bonding.

    Also, I would reach out to a adhesives applications engineer at one of the big chemical companies, like 3M ad others.
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    Consider a urethane adhesive for windshields.

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