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    Heat Exchanger Question

    Hello everyone,,
    I'm working on a heat exchanger which has the purpose of cooling a semi-enclosed area. My question concerns how much the electronic devices in the enclosed area will increase the temperature. From what I remember of Thermodynamics, whatever the rated power consumption of the device is should be how much energy is in turn increasing the temperature of the area.

    For example: If my electronic device is rated at 1kW for power consumption, is 100% of that 1kW going to be increasing the temperature of the surrounding area, or is there a measurable amount that goes towards making the device function?

    If I have 10kW worth of devices in the area, do I need a heat exchanger capable of removing 10kW of heat in order for the temperature of the area around the devices to remain constant?

    I'm almost sure of my answer on this, but I'm looking for some backup as well, because one of the higher-ups is challenging this idea.


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    Conservation of energy says that some of the rated power consumption will be turned into electrical function, such as light or whatever the electronics is doing and the balance left over turns into heat energy.

    Some of that heat energy will be absorbed into the the surrounding structure and flow elsewhere. What you need to understand is what heat energy needs to managed and the desired maximum ambient temperature for optimal electronics operation.

    If the equipment is purchased - the OEM should have specifications on heat energy dissipation and if internally designed the electronics folks should know. If this information is not available operational measurements should be conducted on the electronics and the proper size heat exchanger determined.
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