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Thread: Direct steam injection into cooling water line at pump suction

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    Direct steam injection into cooling water line at pump suction

    Currently there is an operation scenario at one of our plant which directly injecting steam into cooling water line at pump suction in order to generate hot water at 60 deg C for circulation, by doing this its generate vapor at pump suction and lead to cavitation which ultimately damage pump and mechanical seals. Please advise better solution to this rather than installing a heat exchanger.

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    You can inject steam heated water into the discharge side of the pump or perhaps use the steam alone to pump the water.

    steam engine boilers, especially on locomotives which did not recirculate the steam, transfer water into the high pressure boiler by changing steam pressure into velocity and back to pressure again. Search steam injector or eductor.

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    Thank you for the reply. There is another latest update, i have find out there is condensate tank nearby which most of condensate being send to drain. If i replace the steam injection with this condensate from condensate tank at pump suction to get hot water at 60 deg c, is that it will solve the problem since there will be no steam bubble? or still need to relocate the injection point to pump discharge?

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    Thank you for the answer, useful information for me

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