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Thread: Stainless steel floor drain

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    Stainless steel floor drain

    Hello everyone,,
    How can one know if a floor drain is of stainless steel material or brass with chrome finish. Believe me they almost look alike and I really face difficulty at times while approving floor drains of stainless steel material. Please give some clue, thanks.*

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    Weight per volume is the only sure way less material trace-ability.
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    A file or tiny grinder on a bottom edge would remove any plating and reveal the base material.

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    Stainless could have some magnetic properties but not brass. Get a really strong magnet and test.

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    In the absence of doing anything practical such as Hudson's suggestion, I'd personally focus on the colour. It's that that gives it away for me. Stainless is very rarely chrome plated so simply 'looks' different. Take a piece of well chromed brass in your pocket to compare and you'll soon see the difference.

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