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Thread: Motor and Gearbox Pairing

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    Motor and Gearbox Pairing


    I was wondering what factors to consider when sizing a motor and gearbox. Assuming I have two systems which both achieve the desired torque and speed, one is a larger motor with a smaller reduction, the other is a smaller motor with a larger reduction.

    Apart from the obvious size and cost, what are some comparisons I can make between the two? Will there be notable dynamic differences between the two?


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    Start with torque and RPM requirements which will define gearbox requirements then size motor appropriately.
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    Hi Kelly, thanks. I'm not picking a gearbox and motor from a catalog per sŤ, rather I'll be making these specifications myself.

    There is theoretically an unlimited number of combinations that could achieve a certain speed and torque.

    I am more curious about the less obvious differences when comparing two ends of the spectrum.

    a) larger slower motor with lower reduction
    b) smaller faster motor with higher reduction.

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