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Thread: Structural safe loading calculation

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    Structural safe loading calculation

    I would like to get members suggestion on calculation of safe loading limit. The problem statement is as below;

    I will need to put a 20 feet container at level 1 of a building. The size of container is 6060mm L x 2440mm W x 2590mm H. Weight of container is 14,500 kg.
    Loading limit of level 1 floor is 20 KN/m2.

    Is it safe to put the container at level 1 based on loading limit.

    Important note: Container base is not flat. It has 4 legs of size about 150mm L x 150mm W x 150mm H, which will act as point loads.

    Could I convert this point load to distributed load using metal plate for each leg? If so, what should be the size of metal plate for each leg to meet loading limit of 20 KN/m2 ?

    Thanks for your guidance.

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    Each spreader plate would need to be 10.7 m square (factored) and thick enough to distribute ALL of the load over that area, not just the effective bearing area. Go to your local or preferred Structural Engineer for advice and possible solutions so as not to risk damage to property or people. It would be highly unethical for an engineer to give you the go-ahead over the internet.

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