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Thread: Help needed with testing of sandwich panels

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    Help needed with testing of sandwich panels


    I am looking to mechanically test different variations of the same sandwich panel. The sandwich panel will consist of a honeycomb core made from recycled PP, with skins made from Flax tape combined with resin.

    The end goal of these tests is to investigate how the material property changes with different core thicknesses, and orientations of the layered flax tape.

    I will be inputting the findings of these results into Simens NX to perform static tests on a designed structure.

    The main variations will revolve around a change of core thickness (10mm vs 15mm) and several orientations of the flax tape. The specimens will also use two different types of resin.

    My question is what mechanical properties should I be most interested in, and which tests should I perform to acquire the desired values?

    My initial idea was to perform tensile testing, combined with a three-point bend test. I believe this will give me certain values like UTS, and youngs. However, I've started having doubts as the thickness of material (up to 20-23mm) will be to thick for most tensile testing machines.

    Would compressive testing be a much better option, and if so, how should I perform it for the honeycomb composite?

    It seems like things get very complicated when it comes to honeycombs due to their orthotropic nature.

    Many thanks for any advice you can provide.

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    These tests should be designed around the expected in-service loads these panels will experience. Bending, compression, tension or some combination.

    Strain gages, stress and strain, deflections as required.
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    Don't forget temperature variations, humidity, shock loading and other in-service variation testing.

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