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Thread: Civil Engineering...worth the struggle?

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    Civil Engineering...worth the struggle?

    My question to you is....what's it worth. I'm currently making 90k a year, which is great don't get me wrong, but I just know people who have accomplished a lot less and make quite a bit more. For example, I know someone (same age about 30) with no degree and works as a recruiter and makes 100k+ and works normal 40 hour weeks. Another friend (same age about 30) I know makes 120k+ with a business degree and slaves pretty good but doesn't need a license to perform his work or even an MBA. So what drives people to stay in Civil Engineering at this point? Why take huge liability / risk with signing plans to just get paid less than jobs that require no degree? I like work as a Civil Engineer mostly because I'm good at it, but the pay just doesn't make sense to other industry standards.

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    There are more people without an education that make way less than you do. Also, skilled knowledge workers can repeat or get another opportunity making the same or more easier.

    Most uneducated, low skill people don't do very well..

    Cherry picking examples "your comparisons" leave me wondering if you really understand the facts about skills, opportunity, luck and the world.

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    You're complaining about $90k at 30 years old? Give me a break! Wonder why millennials have a reputation for being whiners? Welcome to life. Whoever told you it was going to be fair was lying. It isn't now. Never has been. If you're happy where you are, continue. If not, don't.

    How's this for fair? There are folks who have been in your in your profession for decades that aren't making 80k! And here you are barely out of school complaining about 90.

    Here's a little perspective from a few decades down the road: your happiness and contentment when you look back on your life will not be based on how much money you made. Among other things, it will be based on how happy you were doing your life's work. Do what makes you truly happy. What gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, a sense of contribution to society? If not civil engineering, then what? You might have to experiment with a few things to really find out. You're still young. You can do that.

    Sorry if I came on a little strong at first, but I've mentored a lot of young engineers, and I just felt someone needed to get in your face a little, for your own good. Good luck to you. I truly mean that.

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    You make 90k a year are 30 years old and wondering if it worth it? Are you serious, is this a joke or what?

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    According to payscale_dot_com, average income for Civil Engineers is $65,475 / year.


    keepacapearound00 -> how much do you think you should be earning?
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