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Thread: Learning about turbines and thinking about the output.

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    Learning about turbines and thinking about the output.

    I'm in school and just learned about the massive GE Harriet turbine. It seems like the limiting factor of the turbine efficiency is the blades. I understand why they use single crystal turbine blades, because of their ability to withstand the high temperature/pressure. But couldn't they just make the blades longer to get more output? Like the current output is around 500,000 hp right? Could they double that by making the blades longer?

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    There are likely millions of research and testing hours into gas turbines. Also unknown number hours of in-field operation and data from which unknown number of scientist and engineers have reviewed.

    I think your question is valid and hope you always ask "why" or "why not", however please know that gas turbine are well understood.

    In my experience a critical feature was tip clearance between the compressor blade and static wall as well as the exhaust turbine blade tip.
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    Oh wow, thank you. I'll read about that.

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