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Thread: How do you like Design Engineering?

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    How do you like Design Engineering?

    I just got hired on for a Design Engineering Co-op and I'm looking forward to finally get a glimpse of the industry. My question is for engineers working in Design. What do you like most about it compared to other sub-fields of mechanical engineering such as Quality and Manufacturing? Also, what tips would you have for someone entering the practice?

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    Design engineering is one of those terms that means something different everywhere it is used. "Design" engineers can design any kind of product, or they could design the equipment used to manufacture those products, or the industrial and commercial tools used in the process, or just about anything else. Design engineers could have mechanical backgrounds, or electrical, or electronic, or thermodynamic, or fluid flow, or many others. So, will you like it? It depends on what "it" is. Personally I have always enjoyed designing new machinery or improvements to existing equipment. It is a great joy to see something you designed work well, and continue to work well.

    You are at the VERY BEGINNING of your true education. Soak up everything you can. It will be useful at some point.

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