Eh all working on a trailer at present. I want to know what size of a Cross member (or side) bars I need for the tandem axle kit. (First, I guess I should ask if I would be better to put them on the two 6m side bars or on 3 cross member bars (my present design)) I don't want to skimp in any way and after driving truck for 10 years I know that balance and strength are essential. With the size I expect 1000kg will not be difficult to stuff in here so I want that as a minimum strength and 8:1 safety for dynamic loads of course desired. The base frame I desire to be 6m x 2m x 2m it will be covered in an aluminum sheet metal for anti-corrosion and weight purposes. This is a picture of my tandem axle kit.
tandum axle kit.png
I am at the office right now and don't have the present drawing for the actual trailer handy. I will bring it tomorrow or take a picture when I get home tonight.
Some things to note:
I am NOT stateside or even in Canada where I am from.
Here in China it's hard to get metal manufacturing specs so standardized international specifications must be given so I can ask for EXACTLY what I need.
I appreciate any help. Thx