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Thread: Helical carbide gears -Please help find vendor and explain how these are made

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    Helical carbide gears -Please help find vendor and explain how these are made

    Can someone help me find a company who can grind helical gears from carbide? Or please explain exact capability which I need to ask for when searching for a vendor to make these parts. We actually use them for knurling tools, but they look like helical gears ~1.5" DIA x ~ .1".

    We currently use a vendor out of Switzerland (prefer not to name them). Hoping to find someone in the USA.


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    I googled "carbide gears manufacturing" and found a bunch of job shops..

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    I started with web searches before coming here.....If you contact those vendors, at least the ones I've tried, they don't grind carbide gears... They make steel gears, or carbide inserts, or hobs, or machines for making gears or...

    Still need help please from someone familiar with grinding helical gears from carbide or who knows of a reliable vendor.

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    Still looking for vendors...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris_wyrick View Post
    Still looking for vendors...
    Vendor searches and posting not allowed on Engineers Edge. Otherwise it would be a spam-a-thon here.

    It's in the rules.. Closing thread.

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