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Thread: Drive line Calculations

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    Drive line Calculations

    I am working on an project that will use a custom industrial drive shaft. The rpms will be very low (>40) and the torque will be high (<15000 lb-in). My main questions is how to calculate the bending moments on the shaft tube itself and the bending moments on the 2 final companion shafts it is hooked to. It may be that I need not worry about it at all since the input/output angles are only 3 degrees.

    Due to the nature of the project I just can't afford to be wrong and need some way to validate the design 99.9%. I have completed the normal power shaft and standard drive line calculations along with critical speed calcs. I will be using an 8C wing bearing set up with corresponding flanges etc.

    I have also consulted a few powertrain engineering specialist but the calculations seem to be a closely guarded secret. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Are you referring to the bending owing to gravitational force? If so, is the shaft uniform in dimensions so that you can treat it like a uniformly loaded beam? Then you probably want the shaft deflection so that you can align your bearings appropriately.

    The next calculation to make is the cost of hiring the consultant to the cost of doing it wrong then hiring the consultant and doing it over.

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