OK, letís have a serious discussion about toilets.

The current president of the United States claims that sometimes we have to flush 10-15 times before it all goes down. Now, Iím assuming heís self-referencing because Iíve never had anything typical like that happen in the john that required 10-15 flushes. I can however appreciate that some of us are full of it (if you know what I mean) but even our stable genius electorally elected president probably does not power dump that much.

So, letís do the math, according to bladder and bowel community website the average healthy person urinates 6-7 times in a day and does the other thing once.

Modern toilets use about 1.6 gallons per flush or 9.6-11.2 gallons per day to remove urine and one regular bowel movement daily to add another 1.6 gallons.


Average modern toilet uses
11.2 Ė 12.8 gallons per day.

For older, less efficient toilets made in the 1980ís the average flush is about 3.5 gallons. Therefore, the daily usage would be about:

Older per regulation toilets
24.5 Ė 28 gallons daily.

Modern toilets use less than Ĺ the water to flush which should allow for some extra flushing in case of emergency and still use less water.

Hereís the deal, if you need 10-12 flushes with modern toilet per bathroom eventÖ


Other than that, I suspect our USA's presidents ďstinkĒ with modern toilets is illogical.

Seriously, he's just full of it.