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Thread: wind power is great but you cannot store the wind for future use

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    wind power is great but you cannot store the wind for future use

    Wind turbines produce energy when the wind is blowing but have no way to store this energy for later use. What if we used this excess electric energy to electrolysis seawater and store the hydrogen for future use-?
    There are efforts being made to “store” the unused wind energy; as in the article below:
    The biggest problem with wind and solar energy is that they're intermittent. There might be violent winds one day, and calm skies the next; broiling sunshine on Monday and 100% cloud cover on Tuesday. Some argue this problem is easily overcome by storing any excess energy in batteries until it's needed at a later time.

    There have been successful pilot projects around the world showing you can set up solar panels that, after filling the grid, use any excess electricity to heat gravel, heat-carrying chemicals, or water stored in tanks deep underground. With enough insulation, the heat could be stored for months, until it’s needed in homes nearby, and delivered to them via pipes and heat pumps. (This heat energy can also be converted to run air conditioners, where cooling is needed instead of heating.)


    The above “storage” solution is to heat rocks which is a very inefficient means of storage. I still believe Electrolysis is the solution, store the hydrogen instead.

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    Those are great alternative suggestions for storing renewable energy however not all locations have resources available.

    Batteries can and do work very well..
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    Cannot store wind energy? Not true, are you selling something?

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