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Thread: Using Square Symbol on a square hole pattern

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    Using Square Symbol on a square hole pattern

    Has anyone used the square symbol to define the shape of a square hole pattern? Definition from ASME-2009

    3.3.16 Square Symbol
    The symbolic means of indicating that asingle dimension
    applies to a square shape shall be toprecede
    that dimension with the square symbol, asshown in
    Figs. 3-11 and 3-18. The symbol and thevalue shall not
    beseparated by a space.

    The figure in 3-18 shows an example using the square feature on an external feature of size. I don't see why there would be any reason not to use it on a square hole pattern, or tolerance zone.

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    No... and I've seen a lot of engineering drawings.

    Paragraph 3.3.16 Square Symbol ASME specification, the text does says " ... that a single dimension applies to a square shape shall...".

    Let's focus on "square shape". Depending on how one defines square shape drives whether the symbology can be used to indicate a square pattern of features as well as a square feature of size.

    Fig. 3-11 illustrates a square feature of size however there are no other references.

    It would be my inflection that the square symbol could be used as a specification for a square hole pattern however, since it is a grey application I don't recommend it.

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    Just to be a contrarian (if that's a word), I use the square symbol in a few cases. When the intent is clear (can't be misinterpreted) and the drawing is already very busy, the square symbol can help to clean things up a bit, in my opinion.

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