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Thread: 'Coating of extrusion dies by HVOF',is it possible?

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    'Coating of extrusion dies by HVOF',is it possible?

    Hello i am a master degree student at technical university of Istanbul.We are just in pipeline of my thesis about coating of dies with thermal spray process using high velocity oxygen fuel.

    Latest researches of mine have been displaying that coating processes have been carried out with vapor deposition techniques in general.So the question is:Is it possible by HVOF,What are advantages/disadvantages?


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    Your question requires research... or experience to answer. That is the purpose of your going to school... Teach you things and also give you practice at figuring out how to research and solve problems that you will encounter. You've got a huge edge over students from twenty or thirty years ago... You have the world wide web!!

    I'll share a couple of little things... You could learn a lot from a coater if they want to spend the time with you. I'll also fill you in on this... (I'm not a metalurgist so what I'm gonna say is just from experience) You're going to want to use Chemical Vapor Deposition, or CVD process for the application of any wear resistant coating on an extrusion die. That is if your substrate is appropriate and you want it to hold up for any length of time. PVD or physical vapor deposition doesn't climb into or link with the material and just won't hold up. PVD is good for things like gages and doesn't move your material. It's a cold process as compared to CVD. I'm sure if you dig around you'll find all sorts of information on all the different methods of applying coatings and how well they connect to the substrate etc...

    Also... If anyone tells you PVD will work as well on an extrusion die, ask them if their shop has CVD processing capabilities. I'd bet they'll say they aren't set up for that...

    Good luck and have a great day...

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