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Thread: Help - Identify This Painting Process

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    Help - Identify This Painting Process

    I am in the process of dissembling a blender to understand how this silver deadfront of the UI icons is executed on a production painting line. These letters are crisp, with no visible edges to the naked eye that would show there was a masked tape that was applied prior to painting. I have some thoughts around washable masking or UV masking, but, nothing that would seem to work well for a high volume production line. Any insights would be great!

    The pictures posted show some of the teardown I have completed to help. The silver paint is on the exterior can be scraped off easily with an x-acto blade and the interior black can also be scraped off easily, including the darker black area where the icons/numbers are.

    This is what I have determined is the process so far:

    1. - Shell is molded in clear resin
    2. - A mask of the icons/numbers is placed on the inside?
    3. - Interior is painted black (coat #1)
    4. - Another mask is applied outside of the icons/numbers and then the inside is painted again black...thus, why this area seems so dark?
    5. - Exterior "ZWILLING" masking is applied?
    6. - Exterior is painted silver
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