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Thread: Compressed gas tank pressure calculation! Please help

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    Compressed gas tank pressure calculation! Please help


    I have two high pressure nitrogen tanks. Tank 1 is connected to Tank 2 using a pressure regulating valve.
    Initial Condition:
    Tank 1: Pressure: 1500psi ; Volume of tank: 2782.08cu in
    Tank 2: Pressure: 400psi ; Volume of tank: 898.56 cu in

    I set my Tank 1 regulator output at 800psi to raise the pressure in tank 2 to 800psi.

    I open the needle valve and let tank 2 settle at 800psi.

    What will be the final pressure in tank 1?

    Please help me out, im breaking my head over this!! thanks in advance!

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    No homework allowed.

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    Yes, looks like homework...

    Been taught this equation?
    PV = nRT
    Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

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