so i have some plastic parts and the surface will have brine like sea water on it and I want it to be dried very quickly. Usually they use air knives to move the water off but it doesn't seem to be a very efficient process. its also noisey. the noise isn't a problem per se but I'm looking for something diferent. since it's brine could I use electricity to burn the water off in a flash? can I alcohol (or something) wash it so the water washes away and the alcohol residue can just evaporate quickly? it's a humid environment and I have to accomodate 1 part per minute, witong doesn't get them dry and it takes hours sitting in air for them to dry on their own. I laid out a small conveyor with a hood to pass the parts through with air knives but the more I look at it the more I want a better way to do it so i'm looking for creative ideas to explore.