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Thread: theoretically exact dimension question

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    theoretically exact dimension question

    hi I want know theoretically exact dimension have tolerance

    Please see the file below

    Sorry for my bad english
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    Theoretically Exact Dimensions (TED), also called a "Basic Dimension" should be viewed as dimensions that specify where the tolerance zone is located from which the as-manufactured feature may vary within.

    When a TED is specified there should be a geometric tolerance specification somewhere, such as:

    Within a note, or table referring to the specific dimension,
    Within a tolerance Frame (Feature Control Frame) clearly associated with the feature,
    A specified Associated Document or industry standard,
    with a general tolerance block specified on the engineering drawing.

    Your image came from ASME Y14.5-2009 therefore, See chapter 2, paragraph 2.1.1 "Application".

    When a geometric tolerance is NOT specified, then it can be viewed that the associated feature is established using tooling or gauge tolerances though this interpretation is not always clear.
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