Hi All,

New member here trying to get some information on what manufacturers would like to see in an automatic tester.

For 25 years our company has been using a couple of old DOS computers with a ISA card board to test the instruments we manufacture. The ISA card has A2D's, D2A's, digital I/O, signal generators and programmable power supplies with the ability to measure current.

The test programs are written in Microsoft QuickBasic and test data is captured to files with date/time, testers initials and product serial number. Most products test in less than 2 minutes with minimal operator intervention.

The old DOS box is on its last legs and we designed our own auto tester which uses a small Arduino like board called the Duinomite which has built-in micro SD card for program/data storage. It requires only a keyboard and VGA display to run.

We would like to commercialize this product and are requesting information on what other companies might want to see in this product.

Currently the system has:

8 x 16 bit A2D
2 x 12 bit D2A (which control two 0-25VDC programmable power supplies with current measuring ability)
4 x 0-5V logic inputs
4 x 0-5V logic outputs
Capabilities to generate square wave signals up to 10Khz using any/all of the digital outputs.

What would you need to test your products?


Bert van den Berg
New Zealand