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Thread: Ultimate Beam Design Needed

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    Ultimate Beam Design Needed

    I need to know what is the best construction for a beam to hold the maximum weight. The beam will be 33ft long and supported by columns on both ends. The restriction is that the beam must be less than 7" height. I want to know what the maximum load is with less than 3/4" of deflection. I'm open to any type of configuration. What is the capacity of a 6"SQ tube with 5/8" wall thickness? What is the capacity of W6x25 beam with 3/4" or 1" HR bar welded to the outside to form a boxed unit? Thanks for any help!

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    Each type could be the best for a specific situation. design would make the strongest yet within the 10 stick limit?

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    All the calculators you need to answer your question are on this website.

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    See the following webpage: Select the loading configuration from the images:

    If you cannot find the loading configuration see the following and model in 2D:

    Here are the section properties of industry standard beams:
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