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Thread: 3D Scanner Replacement Parts

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    3D Scanner Replacement Parts


    We own a lot of rental properties and little plastic things break all the time (appliance handles, etc.)

    Instead of leaving our tenants with busted but still working appliances and such, and instead of buying new, I have an idea that I can take the broken pieces and glue them together for 3D scanning, then print them.

    Has anyone done this before? What scanning hardware have you used?

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    Tried it, have a structure sensor scanner (google it) did not really work. The cost for a quality 3D scanner + printer that can do ABS, PETG etc. not worth it. Can't imagine your plastic parts break that much.

    I have reverse engineered a plastic part or two, CAD modeled it and printed on my Lulzbot TAZ6 but ultimately is was more practical and cosmetically correct to just buy the replacement.

    3D scanner, a workstation or equivalent, CAD software to fix the scans for 3D printing (can only scan what you can see), and a 3D printer - do the math.

    Don't forget, you have to train yourself design, engineering and 3D manufacturing + buy supplies.
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