Hello All,

I have been asked my opinion by my manager about bidding for some work which is not quite our usual line of work. We are a design consultantcy for the construction industry and we recieved an enquirey for a piece of equipment classed as temporary works which will be used onshore for testing offshore wind farm piles up to 2.5m diameter. This equipment will basically support the pile in an upright position onshore in the UK.

My advise was that while yes fundamentally we can do a design, we are going to need to do a lot of research into the appropriate design codes and would likely take longer than anticipated to complete the calculations.

So with this in mind i am reaching out to the forum in the hopes that i may get some feedback as to the types of codes i should start my research for this. The areas I am most interested in are things such as impact loads and their factors for when the piles are hoisted into position within the equipment. My initial thoughts were to consult the DNV codes for lifting equipment but it would be great to get some other feedback on this.