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Thread: Resistance of a winding

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    Resistance of a winding

    Hi everyone

    As my final task before graduating I'm making Thors hammer with an electromagnet following instruction video (

    I got every single part I need, but when looking at the current flowing through the winding I stumble upon a problem: the Solid State Relay I'm using (same as in instruction video) can only handle 10A, but with the resistance of the winding (<1 Ohm for the winding with thinner wiring, 3 Ohm for the winding with thicker wiring) and the high voltage output (48V) I will get a much higher current than 10A.

    Am I missing something here? I'm just a teacher in education so I don't have a big background of this stuff. It would be really nice if someone could help me out: you would literally save my year!

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my lacking knowledge on this matter!


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    Am I missing something here
    Yes, you should contact the designer..... You're asking for a full analysis from an unrelated forum.

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    Sorry for bothering you, but since the designer isn't available I thought I might as well try it here.
    Didn't need such an answer though: a simple 'I can't help you' would have been sufficient.

    Ill try somewhere else.

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