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Thread: Flexible shaft- Torque vs Length Relationship

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    Flexible shaft- Torque vs Length Relationship

    Hello Members,

    sorry if not posting in the right sub-forum but had a question regarding torque estimation in a long flexible shaft

    I have 2 different sections in a 50" flexible shaft with varying material stiffness and the sections have the same geometry. First section is 20" length and the second section is 30" length

    I have input angle vs torque output data for 5" stubby samples for each of these sections. The curves typically have steep initial slope and then tapers off to a horizontal line.

    How can I utilize this data to estimate torque output for the overall shaft?

    thanks for your help in advance,


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    Look at the time that the torque is applied and any cyclic loading. Energy will be absorbed by the flexible shaft but eventually total input torque will be translated through the shaft.

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