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Thread: Elastomer Energy Return

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    Elastomer Energy Return


    I'm developing a product which requires a shock absorbing elastomer to compress slightly during an impact, then rebound providing energy return, similar to how some running shoes give a spring like effect.

    I'm just trying to clarify, does the rebound / energy return occur when
    • The force causing the compression is removed, or
    • It is related to the natural frequency of the material. I.e. the energy return occurs after a period of time in accordance with the frequency of the elastomer.

    I'm finding conflicting information so I'm just looking for clarity.

    Thanks in advance

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    Energy return = (Energy in) - (Energy absorbed).

    You need to estimate the Transmissibilty of the elastomer, then Natural Frequency and compare to application. This will give you an idea on the return energy.

    engineering_guide_ip (1).pdf

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