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Thread: How to manufacture waterfall faucet?

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    How to manufacture waterfall faucet?

    My question: how to manufacture a waterfall faucet?
    > I use PTC Creo for designing. Designing is easy.
    > During sand casting, the product is casted.
    > But the problem lies in machining. How to machine it?

    Any suggestions? Am I following the wrong procedure in making this faucet?
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    Sand cast, You sure? You would need approximately .050" (1.3mm) machining allowance.

    I suspect this is more of a die cast part.
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    I don't understand your question - "How to machine it?".

    Are you saying you don't understand the machining steps involved to create the various parts? If that is the case then get advice from a machinist or a machine shop. No one here could tell you all the machining steps involved for each part from just a photograph of a completed assembly. Even a machinist would have to see drawings of each piece. Not near enough detail.

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