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Thread: DIN Standard

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    DIN Standard

    Hi guys,

    Please help me out. I need the ff standard.

    DIN 4754
    DIN EN 12732
    EN 287
    ANSI Flanges 300lbs
    DIN2633 form C, PIN 16

    I really need this urgent,. Thank you in advance,!

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    What is an "ff standard"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jboggs View Post
    What is an "ff standard"?
    Fire Fighting?

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    I'm not very good with using our DIN books but here's the tiny bit that I found...

    DIN 4754 ... Heat transfer systems operating with organic media; safety requirements and testing

    DIN EN 12732... Couldn't find anything... Guessing maybe you wrote the number down wrong or my books are so old it wasn't invented yet...

    EN 287... Nothing... But DIN EN 287 there's a DIN EN 287T1 and DIN EN 287T2
    ... DIN EN 287T1... Approval testing of welders; fusion welding of steel; german version EN 287-1:1992 (there's your EN**)
    ... DIN EN 287T2... Approval testing of welders; fusion welding of aluminum and aluminum alloys; german version EN 287-2:1992

    The ANSI flanges you should be able to google... I've got to get back to doing what I get paid to do...

    DIN2633 form C, PIN 16... Don't know about the form c etc. but...
    DIN 2633... Welding Neck Flanges; Nominal Pressure 16 (that's all it says... 16 of unknown units)

    My books are old and they basically suck. They're very confusing to navigate from this volume to that index which in turn references this page in this volume etc. The conversion of DIN to ANSI or ASTM or ISO is more than I can get into right now and I really don't know if these books have that anyway.

    This ought to give you some idea of what these standards involve anyway.

    Good luck,

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