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Thread: Product flow, up to and down from mezzanine

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    Product flow, up to and down from mezzanine

    In our plant, all raw material storage, assembly of product, packaging, shipping, and receiving take place on the main floor. We have a very large mezzanine which would work well to house product assembly cells, and/or some raw materials. However, the only means of getting up or down is via the stairs or by fork lift (through gates in the rail). It would not be possible to bring large quantities of raw materials or finished product up and down the stairs. A fork lift can be used for this purpose, but it seems inefficient to have a fork lift lifting and lowering things all day. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? Would it be better to set up a conveyor system to bring finished product down, and just lift raw materials up with the fork lift, or would putting in a semi-permanent elevator/lift be a good solution? Finished product would be coming down in boxes roughly 14"W x 8"H x 30"L, and sometimes 48"L. From there, they get placed into a larger box with other products from the factory, so they are not necessarily palletized with common product. Any suggestions or insight would be great. Thanks.

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    First, a mezzanine platform can be custom designed and installed in a product down from the second level without disturbing the built pallet.

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