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Thread: Bevel Gear Tooth Profile

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    Confused Bevel Gear Tooth Profile

    I'm designing a small set of plastic bevel gears, but am having a hard time getting the tooth profile right. I used the equations from the KHK website below to define the gear blank, but there is no information on tooth profile. Because of that, I modeled the teeth using the spur gear profile sketched in the plane normal to the pitch cone angle. I've gone over my sketch and calculations a few times and can't find any errors, but the teeth aren't even close to meshing. I used the module and teeth count of an actual set of gears, so I know it should work out. Any suggestions here? I'm using Creo 3.0

    Calculation of Gear Dimensions.pdf
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    Why would you even model it? Are you 3D printing the gears?

    If machining, determine gear ratio, specify desired industry standard tooth profile, pitch or whatever diameter needed, AGMA tolerance class and let manufacturing use standard CNC programs to create geometry.

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    I'm modeling them because they will be injection molded, otherwise I would just buy gears

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