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Thread: Shaft boss best connection

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    Shaft boss best connection

    Hi all
    I need to design an engine conveyor like that in the attached pictures.
    I just have some pictures taken from my colleagues.
    My problem for the moment is understand which would be the best connection to the shaft of the end hardened boss/sleeve. I know it need to be keyed for the transmission of the movement, but how to prevent the boss sliding out of the shaft? The only way I guessed is to use a grub screw. Is there any better, more adequate system?
    Thank you.

    2020-11-08 17_52_41-Photos.png 2020-11-08 17_21_06-Photos.png 20201107_082632 (1).jpg
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    One of the many lessons from my decades of engineering is this: Use set screws with caution. They are very often misused and end up damaging other components and failing.

    Look at your first photo. See the bearing locknut with a lockwasher at the top? That is a very common method of retaining components on a shaft. Maybe you can duplicate that. Another way is to use a taper-lock hub or bushing. Or you could just use a bolt in the end of the shaft with a cap plate. If you do that make sure you provide some method to insure that the bolt does not back out.

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    I'm voting for taper lock split bushings and matching hub. You may not need the key depending upon the torque applied. They hold really well.

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