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Thread: Calculating Youngs Modulus

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    Calculating Youngs Modulus

    Hello all

    I wondering anyone could help me with the following:-

    When plotting a stress strain curve for a material I believe it is normal practice to express Strain in %.

    My question would be that when calculating Youngs modulus is it typical to use Strain in units of %?

    I if was to plot my stress strain curve then my equations would be:-

    Stress = Force / Area
    Strain = (Change in Length / Original Length)*100 (Strain is now in units of %)

    If I wanted to calculate Youngs Modulus then my equation would be either:-

    Youngs Modulus = (Force/Area) / [(Change in Length / Original Length)*100]


    Youngs Modulus = (Force/Area) / (Change in Length / Original Length)

    Can anyone help?


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    Every stress-strain plot I've seen was reported in actual units. I don't think the strain is being report as a % but being converted into a multiple for ease of reading the plot.

    A note would accompany the plot indicating strain units x 100

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    Engineers Edge does have a Stress-Strain curve Approximation calculator based on the Ramburg-Osgood equations.

    Enter known data and the curve data points are calculated plotted and tabulated.


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