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Thread: My homemade backhoe excavator project.

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    My homemade backhoe excavator project.

    Hi friends, This is a video of my homemade backhoe/excavator project. An old Daewoo matiz car, which would have been otherwise scrapped, was converted to an useful backhoe.

    I have used double acting hydraulic cylinders with 63mm bore diameter & 36mm rod diameter. Hydraulic gear pump is used for generating hydraulic pressure. Gear pump maximum pressure is 160 bar and flowrate is 23 lpm at 1440 rpm. Gear pump is driven by the engine through chain sprocket. The pressurized oil flow is diverted to cylinders using directional control valves, Walvoil make, 40 lpm & 315 bar capacity. The valve is of parallel circuit, open centre type. All framework of arm and boom are made with structural steel 100mm x 50mm x 3.2mm thick. Grease nipples are given at all moving joints for lubrication. The bucket tearout force is 2 tonnes. Piston force is around 6 tonnes at 160 bar. I have used 150 micron suction strainer and 25 micron return line filter. This project has turned out to be much better than I initially thought. The enormous power of the backhoe simply amazes me. You can watch all these in the video.
    Please do like and share video. This gives me motivation to make more of such interesting projects and share with you…
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    Very creative! Use what you have design and engineering at its best.

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