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Thread: Reaction Forces - Bending Moment Diagram - Shear Force Diagram

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    Reaction Forces - Bending Moment Diagram - Shear Force Diagram

    Hello all

    I was hoping i could get some support on calculating re-action forces and creating a shear force and bending moment diagram.

    Some of the examples i have worked on relate to a beam supported at either end.

    But the example below has gotten me a little confused.

    I have a 21m member that is supported at 4 points along the member spaced 7m apart. The member is UDL loaded with 200kN/m. (assumed no horizontal forces).

    I can work out an equivalent point load of 4200 acting at the center on the member (10.5m from the ends).

    Not sure what to do from here?

    Can anyone help?



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    Using Engineers Edge 2D Statics Modeler I get..


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