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Thread: modifier on dimensions

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    modifier on dimensions

    Hi all pros... I have a hole +/- .005". If I want to control the hole to be on minimum side ( if possible, can I modifier MMC ? Vice versa, maximum side, LMC?
    thank you

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    The MMC & LMC modifier define a variable tolerance boundary based on the size of the as-manufactured FOS. These modifiers will will not control the effective as-manufactured size to the minimum size.

    I would first be sure that this is an actual meaningful end item design requirement. By default, a mechanical tolerances of +/- .005 is a range that is assumed to be acceptable for function and fit.

    If this is a absolute requirement one could tighten up the tolerance range where the nominal is the desired size or using +/- 3 sigma as the 6 sigma range define a -3 to 0 sigma as a desired range for the size specification.

    I don't recommend this, BTW.
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