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Thread: Oedometer Testing - Soil Analysis

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    Oedometer Testing - Soil Analysis

    Hello all

    I was wondering if any had a background or understanding on soil settlement/consolidation testing specifically oedometer testing.

    My understanding is that we simply measure displacement vs time however I have been given the following data:-


    I dont understand the Dial Reading values which are shown in mm.

    I would interpret this data as at 0 min the displacement was 7.82mm, at say 4 min the displacement is 6.78mm - but why are the values for Dial Readings getting smaller I would have thought that as the soil compressed then the displacement values would get larger.

    Can anyone help shed any light?

    Thank you.

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    Soil Analysis Consolidation and Oedometer Testing

    Without pressure applied details, local specifications, end goal of performing soil testing - not sure what you need..

    However, here is a document that maybe helpful.

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