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Thread: I/E Tech to DCS Field Engineer...normal transition?

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    I/E Tech to DCS Field Engineer...normal transition?

    I'm currently a 2 yr I/E Tech and waiting to hear back from a DCS Field Engineer job I interviewed for. It was no secret I have minimal experience programming or even having much knowledge of DCS systems. I asked the engineer interviewing me about this and I'm guessing it went well because he assured me he can teach technical skills but can't teach people how to communicate good and treat customers right (they've been at one location for 13 years now).

    If I'm offered the job should I take it no matter the salary he says? To me this is like a whole new door opening to me and I think a good chance to start advancing my career. I have been wanting to get into a more automation type role. He said my knowledge of field instrumentation will help complete the overall picture and one of the reasons he is considering me. Also have a Bachelors in General Business which may help, job description asked for EE, ME, or Engineering Technology undergrad. Thoughts? Does this type of job transition usually happen?

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    (My opinion) I would seek opportunity before money early in your career. As you build skill sets combined with academic training other opportunities will present themselves. I understand the importance of money however truly meaningful career, contribution, recognition and achievement is rarely obtained with a money first attitude.

    If possible (usually you don't get to choose) pick your opportunities carefully.
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