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Thread: Hydraulic circuit - Linear pressure drop from a pressurized system.

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    Question Hydraulic circuit - Linear pressure drop from a pressurized system.


    I'm trying to design a pressure test circuit and I am a bit stuck here.

    Hydraulics is not my regular field, so please bear with me.

    So I have to pressurize a chamber and then after holding the pressure for a given time it has to be released.
    The problem I'm having is getting a constant pressure decrease.
    Put another way, I want the pressure decrease over time to be linear.

    Is this possible to achieve this using a "simple" circuit or do I have to introduce some kind of computer controlling to make this happen?

    If so, is there anything commercially viable?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You want a Hydraulic Flow Control Valve, specifically a Volumetric flow rate control valve. The pressure will drop linear with constant flow out of the pressurized system.

    Search the internet for "Hydraulic Flow Control Valve" - this is a common device.

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