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Thread: 2Way datum hole profile tolerance

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    2Way datum hole profile tolerance


    Can any one help me to find Go/No Go size for plug gauge for 2way datum slot based on the drawing please?

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    Profile of surface tolerance by default is bi-lateral equal (half to the inside and half to the outside of the profile).

    Therefore, a perfect world go gage size is an oblong shape (15 - 0.1) x (8 - 0.1) usually + a small gage tolerance.

    A perfect world no-go gage (15 + 0.1 x 8 + 0.1) - a small gage tolerance.

    However, there are scenario's where these gages will not detect an out of tolerance condition.

    In the old days a transparency with the inner and outer boundary tolerance zones printed on was placed on a lighted surface and the as-built pert/feature verified to be within the transparency gage tolerance lines.
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