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Thread: Describing Different Types of Structures

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    Describing Different Types of Structures

    Hello all

    I was wondering if someone help clear up some confusion I have regarding different type of structures.

    Below are 4 x diagrams of beams:-

    Beam Types.PNG

    I have seen these types before but what confused me was that when I tried to name these types of beams I got stuck.

    I would name these structures as:-

    A = Cantilever Beam
    B = Propped Cantilever Beam
    C = No Idea???
    D = Simply Supported.

    How would you name these structures?

    Also how would you formally define these types of structures?

    I have always thought that Diagram C was simply supported????

    Can anyone shed any light?

    Thank you.

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    See the following graphic.


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