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Thread: Eco friendly manufacturing

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    Eco friendly manufacturing

    Hello everyone I am looking for a way to manufacture a parts that has a shape similar to a box and consists of multiple small parts, it is designed for 3d printing or injection molding process but i would like to use a method that wont involve burning plastic and create nocive fumes. For that i was wondering if there is a plastic for this purpose or i may use metal instead of plastic in a mold.. i could split the part and use a cnc but i won t prefer that

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    A image would be helpful..
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    Eco- or environmentally friendly manufacturing protects the planet from exploitation and conserves natural resources. Products are made from sustainable materials, while waste is reduced through remanufactruing, reuse and recycling.

    You should use Metal instead of Plastic.

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    As you said avoiding plastic is a great way to create an eco-friendly atmosphere

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