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Thread: Cantilever Jib Crane mounted to Stud Wall

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    Cantilever Jib Crane mounted to Stud Wall

    I want to mount a Vestil Manufacturing JIB-LC-10 wall mounted jib crane to a wood stud wall covered with 5/8" type X gyp board at the back of my garage. Will the wall support the thrust and pull values of a jib 8'-0" long with a maximum 1000 lbs load and the thrust and pull values listed as 3459 lbs each way? The wall mounted crane will be used to raise a 486 pound lawn tractor up onto a 5'-0 high wood storage platform.

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    Can you provide a free body loading diagram?

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    It depends of how far do you lift the load from the wall. It's so important. and let me know if you can use a steel bar or wire cable for support behind the wall.

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    Every time I walk into a Walmart and see the bicycles stored by hanging them from one flat roof truss for 50 feet, I think of things like this.

    A wood structure garage is not just one of many components working independently. It's a combination of all it's components working together. Loading a wall in a wood structure that's not designed for it is a bad idea. And modifying it without an engineering calc and a building permit will leave you liable for any disasters a failure may create.

    Located in just the right spot, a few missing nails during construction, non-structural lap locations in the plate and sill, anchor bolt locations, you could possibly pull the building down with 1000# point load? And your insurance won't cover you.

    Wall mount swing away are fine if you design for them in advance. Otherwise use a post in retrofit applications. Cheaper and easier to cut a concrete floor to add the anchor. And you can still have a swing away with about the same clearance away from the wall. And the concrete anchor calc is an easy DIY. Best of all .... no permit and no liability.

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