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Thread: Anyone ever design a weigh scale?

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    Anyone ever design a weigh scale?

    Hi Folks

    Many years ago I designed a weigh table for a customer and they've been building them ever since. it was simple , consisted of a small frame a roller top and under underneath there was a beam with 2 load cells on it. pretty small. 50kg capacity. there are thousands out in the field. They've asked me to revise this design to use 1 load cell. and looking at it now I remember why I used 2 small ones the first place. I put 2 there so the roller top would not be able to twist so much and all the weight would be on the cells and never born by other mechanical constraints. Is there a common way to do this without the friction of the constraining parts making a difference? Even the last time I looked at this I felt I had to reinforce the movement worrying that it would break or damage the cells. In the first design I guess it just worked and never got to learn anything from breaking it. I actually built the prototype and sent it to them so I could feel the parts and have a good understanding how it was going to hold up, I don't have that luxury this time and they've specifically asked to eliminate one of the parts I splashed out on that made me feel better about it, if that makes any sense.

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    Post a diagram. That will help.

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